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OWL ESG Data is now available on Manaos

OWL ESG, the US-based ESG data solutions provider that is transforming how ESG data is gathered, analyzed, researched, and applied, and Manaos, the next-generation investment services platform built to help investors tackle trending challenges, including look-through, ESG sourcing and ESG reporting, are proud to announce an ESG data integration partnership.
Written by
Sarah Ablin
Published on
August 29, 2023

With this partnership, users of Manaos investment services marketplace and reporting platform will have access to OWL ESG’s sustainability insights, among over 15+ other data providers. Clients are now provided with both OWL'S ESG IQ Data, consisting of the highest-quality company profiles, regulatory framework alignment, principals-based screening, and impact metrics, and its Consensus Scores, which creates a smoothing effect to negate the impact of subjective scoring models.

"Integrating with Manaos is a very important step for OWL ESG," said Ben Webster, CEO of OWL ESG. "Consistent with our core principle of transforming how ESG data is gathered, analyzed, researched, and applied, we are excited to include both our IQ Data and our Consensus Scores on a cutting edge platform. Whether investors want pure data to make decisions with confidence, or they want to see scoring without the influence of one provider’s subjective priorities, OWL can deliver fresh, objective, transparent, and accurate data.”
Franck Delbes, CEO of Manaos, stated, "Having OWL ESG onboard Manaos confirms our commitment to providing enhanced data to the market while effectively managing costs. As an ESG marketplace and aggregator, the Consensus Scores approach strongly resonates with and strengthens one of our key takes on ESG scoring: methodologies are subjective, and managing risk effectively requires multiple data sources."

About Manaos: Manaos, a technology subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group, powers an all-in-one platform that connects the traditional information systems of institutional investors and asset management companies with carefully selected rating agencies and fintechs to manage all their investment services effortlessly. In practice, the Manaos platform enables investors to collect their fund compositions from their asset managers, while standardising portfolio data and allowing for asset-level portfolio look-through. From there, Manaos empowers asset managers and asset owners to test and measure their ESG investments performance by connecting their portfolio data to a range of ESG data providers. Once enriched with third-party data, Manaos offers flexible, multimodal portfolio data extraction features to meet urging ESG-related use cases, such as EET generation, SFDR,TCFD, Taxonomy regulatory reports and more.

About OWL ESG: OWL ESG is a financial technology company that is transforming how ESG data is gathered, analysed, researched, and applied. Through our unique AI tools, we empower our clients to confidently make impactful decisions at the speed of technology, but at a fraction of the cost. OWL leverages these AI tools to frequently and efficiently gather ESG data on thousands of companies. Institutional investors, financial technology platforms, and corporate consultants across the world rely on both OWL’s SaaS tools and up-to-date, accurate, source transparent, and verifiable ESG data to achieve their ESG objectives and to make a positive impact for their stakeholders and the world.

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