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Portfolio opacity

- Poor data quality - Confidentiality issues Look-through impossible

  • Poor data quality
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Look-through impossible

ESG data shortage

  • Fragmented supply chain
  • Manual handling

Regulatory pressure

  • Regulatory pressure
  • Soaring client demand
  • Growing competition

Manaos has a solution.

Fund look-through

Collect your fund inventories from your Asset Managers, in just a few clicks from the Manaos platform to reveal the total breakdown of your portfolio.

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Data quality

Time efficiency

Cost cutter

ESG marketplace

Plug your portfolio into our built-in ESG marketplace and connect it to thousands of sustainability data points generated by leading and niche ESG data providers across all dimensions of ESG.

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Smart connectivity

User flexibility

Extensive catalogue

ESG reporting

Retrieve portfolios-level and asset-level scores in either PDF format or via Excel / SFTP / API extracts and comply with regulations (EET, SFDR, TCFD, Taxonomy...).

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Reg. compliance

Experts at hand

Fully integrated

ESG made open. And integrated.

The power of portfolio data management and open-architecture ESG combined

Manaos empowers investors to harmonize and look-through their portfolios data prior to connecting them to a vast offering of leading ESG data and service providers.

Portfolio data exchange interface

A data management platform for investors to exchange, harmonize and enable look-through of fund inventories in a simple, automated and secure way.

Control your data in a secure environment

Manage your contractual obligations simply (quality&delay)

Manage multiple sources, formats and channels with full automation

OPEN ESG marketplace

A marketplace for investors to get scores on their portfolios by the best-of-breed ESG data and service providers.

An ever-evolving offering ESG applications

Porfolio- and asset-level scorings

Scalable ‘pay as you grow’ solution

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