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Manaos onboards Denominator

New York, Paris - Denominator, the leading data provider on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), and Manaos announce a new partnership to strengthen DEI data availability in the Manaos' ESG data marketplace.
Written by
Emma Helbo
Published on
November 22, 2022

Manaos, the next-generation investment services platform built to help institutional investors address trending ESG challenges, onboards Denominator, a leader in the field of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI).

Closing the gap of DEI data

With regulatory requirement pressing institutional investors to meet ESG objectives across the globe, the demand for strong social data is booming. Yet, ESG data providers are only starting to address the matter and most still focus on the environmental aspect of ESG, creating opportunities for growth around social themes. 

Denominator closes the gap of available and standardized data on the ‘S’ in ESG data. By introducing Denominator’s data to Manaos’ platform, investors can compare companies across the world with a meaningful and standardized approach to DEI and human capital. Denominator covers the world’s largest listed companies across 15+ dimensions of DEI and the data and analytical insights drive the most comprehensive DEI scoring models on the market.

Why Denominator and Manaos have partnered

Denominator is excited to offer its unique DEI dataset on Manaos’ open servicing platform as it will empower investors and asset managers to make more socially responsible investment decisions.

“The importance of DEI has been acknowledged by the investment community for a long time, but effective access to detailed, standardized and global data has limited many investments strategies and models to a sole focus on the gender board ratio in certain geographies. The Manaos and Denominator partnership solves this challenge and I cannot wait to see the long-term investment and societal value from a broader and more holistic social approach in ESG” - Anders Rodenberg, CEO of Denominator.
“By extensively addressing social-related criteria, the SFDR reminds market participants of the importance of a balanced approach to E, S, and G factors. Our ambition to group innovative and complementary ESG providers into a single marketplace naturally led us to Denominator. Leveraging their exclusive approach to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is a key differentiator for us.” - Franck Delbes, CEO of Manaos.


Denominator’s global DEI dataset covers several mandatory and optional SFDR PAIs. Additionally, the dataset offers insights far beyond what is mandated through the SFDR. For more information on Denominator’s coverage on DEI indicators, please visit Denominator's profile.

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