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100 Asset Managers on Manaos

When we launched the first Manaos solution to answer Solvency II look-through requirements for portfolio holdings, our vision was to get strong adoption from asset managers and investors, for a product that would later be part of an entire platform of investment services. Two years in, it is safe to say the venture paid off.
Written by
Yassine Chibane, Customer Success Manager
Published on
March 28, 2023

Since its launch in 2020, Manaos has transformed the market for institutional investors, addressing Solvency II look-through requirements on portfolio holdings. With the increasing focus on ESG, investors are paying closer attention to the composition of their portfolios. This has resulted in a five-fold increase in the number of Asset Managers using Manaos to disseminate fund inventories to their clients, with over 100 users now relying on the platform.

A win-win game

It all started with a simple observation: investors would request fund inventory files from asset managers for Solvency II compliance purposes with no proper tooling for the task.

As a result, asset managers would send poorly standardized fund inventories through insecure email tools to their client investors, leaving the latter overwhelmed with related data quality, confidentiality, communication, and deadlines issues.

Manaos uncluttered the room offering a dedicated platform for investors and asset managers to exchange inventory files and grant approvals with minimal hassle, and maximum security.

The way it works is simple. As institutional investors (or asset managers invested in funds of funds), users request access to asset managers' fund inventories directly via the platform. Asset managers not using Manaos get notified by email that one of their clients is looking to collect some of the inventories they hold.

As asset managers, users can automate the dissemination of their inventory at the click of a button (or do it manually), regardless of the formats they work with.

Experience shows it is a self-sustaining enterprise. Institutionals want more asset managers on the platform to get maximum portfolio coverage, and prefer sending out access requests to their managers all at once. Conversely, asset managers save time by dealing with requests for approvals from several investors in one go. It is a win-win game.

The increasing focus on ESG gives investors an extra good reason to pay close attention to the composition of their portfolios. The number of asset managers relying on the Manaos platform to share fund inventories with their clients soared five-fold, reaching 100 asset managers in January. Growing now at a constant pace, these clients represent over 5000 billion euros in AUM and 4500 portfolios across all regions, from San Francisco to Tokyo.

Client-Centric Approach

Manaos' comprehensive platform has established itself as an industry standard, in great part thanks to its fund inventory collection and dissemination apps introduced in 2020. The company has developed more than 20 different input formats for portfolio uploads (TPT, asset servicer's formats, PMS formats, bespoke formats), many of which were created for specific clients and are now in demand among new users.

Manaos serves all types of asset managers - small-sized managers who prefer self-manual uploads, large-sized managers (among the top 10) that use SFTP for data transfer, and mid-sized managers who transfer data via CRM or encrypted email uploads.

Its industry-unique encrypted portfolio upload module is one of its key differentiators. Not at any point does Manaos have access to the data being transferred, from uploads to downloads. To do so, Manaos has implemented a secure upload module that enables the transfer of files via email without any human intervention, ensuring a high level of security while leaving the habits of managers unchanged. Feedback shows this BAU approach is of substantial value to clients.

TPT Quality Management

Manaos' powerful ingestion module delivers value beyond just Solvency II reporting. The platform's ability to automatically detect and identify errors in TPT format files has been utilised by one of France's largest asset managers among others. This feature not only saves users time on error detection and file handling (full screening of a TPT file typically takes under 3 seconds), it also provides easy-to-understand feedback on anomalies - all at no cost. Another great plus is the ability to keep flexible on error-checking thresholds, and decide for what is to be considered compliant or not. Yet, audit trails on ingestion operations are kept fully-fledged, so that users get a transparent understanding of their own arbitrages. What's more, Manaos can handle a large volume of files, up to 1500 portfolios at once, making it a competitive solution for asset managers.

Open ESG at your fingertips

It doesn't stop there. On Manaos, clients initially onboarded for look-through and data quality management are just one click away from our Open ESG Marketplace, offering portfolio and asset-level scorings from over 15 best-of-breed ESG providers, across 80+ applications and 5000+ ESG data points.

Offers from leader partners like MSCI, Morningstar's Sustainalytics, Moody's ESG Solutions, ISS ESG and Clarity AI are leveraged by built-in Manaos features like the Data Extractor, the Coverage Estimator, and the Data Aggregator (soon).

With our digital contract signature feature and free trials, clients find Manaos to be the perfect sandbox to set up an ESG strategy on the go.

Client club

Our wish is to become a central piece of an open investment services ecosystem. With that in mind, we will soon be announcing the launch of a client club, giving users access to forefront updates and exclusive resources. To stay informed, follow Manaos on LinkedIn and subscribe to our monthly newsletter (see footer down bellow).

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