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OWL’s mission is to offer data and indices that help both people and the planet. We believe investors don’t have to sacrifice financial returns to make a positive impact on the world. OWL ESG scores and rankings are based on the most thorough data set available and our ratings can be used to ESG-optimize any investment strategy. Our entire product offering is presented with the goal of helping investors invest sustainably while beating benchmarks. OWL ESG scores and rankings are based on the most thorough data set available. Our robust, objective ratings can be used to ESG-optimize any investment strategy.

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  • OWL ESG, Inc. offers the most objectively sourced ESG data in the industry
  • OWL’s multi-source methodology aggregates over 500+ ESG expert sources and 15 well known ESG vendors
  • Industry Best Universe: OWL covers over 30,000+ company’s (Avg ESG Vendor covering only 8-10k)
  • OWL exponentially covers a greater portion of Funds (instead of modeling like most ESG vendors) resulting from our universe
  • Industry Best Delivery: OWL delivers monthly updates (majority of ESG vendors deliver annually or semi-annually)



 chose Manaos

"OWL chose Manaos as we knew it was one of the best platforms with a market place to connect ESG data providers and asset managers allowing us to show them how a multi-source methodology aggregating over 500+ ESG Experts including over 14 well known ESG providers will provide them with ‘Consensus Ratings’ which are considered to be the most objective ESG ratings offered globally. Just like the Manaos team, the OWL Analytics team is composed of people from diverse backgrounds with a focus in quantitative investing, science, and math. Despite these diverse backgrounds, there is one passion that unites each member of our team; discovering powerful alternative data sets that can be applied to improve investment performance while making the world a better place. ESG represents such a data set. ESG data, like other forms of alternative data, is growing and evolving. Our mission is to raise the standard of ESG data. One way we do this is through the aggregation, synthesis, and optimization of diverse data sets to help our clients, whether their goals are improved investment performance, improved sustainability, or both. We are constantly scouring the globe to find new and innovative data and research. So far, we’ve brought together hundreds of data sources from numerous private and public partners, generating insight that currently benefits clients that represent over $2 trillion of assets under management or advisement." - Ben Webster

Benjamin Webster
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & President



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