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Util uses machine learning to measure the real-world impact of every company and portfolio, empowering investors to make more informed investment decisions. Objective, universal and sophisticated, Util’s analytics capture the myriad ways in which 45,000 listed companies—of every size, geography, and sector—affect the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thousands of other sustainability concepts. To objectively evaluate a company’s real-world impact, Util focuses on the effects of its products and services and draws conclusions from peer-reviewed journals. The result is a value metric for extra-financial performance that sits beside that of financial performance, paving the way for diversified and differentiated sustainable strategies that capture the complexities of the global economy.

Why choose 


  • Objective: Util looks only at the real-world impact of a company’s products & services and draw its conclusions from peer-reviewed journals, making it the most objective sustainability dataset available.
  • Comparable: Because Util does not rely on disclosures and ratings, which vary depending on company size and region, every company is subjected to the same methodology—allowing users to compare any two like-for-like.
  • Scalable: Util holds the largest sustainability dataset on the market. Their analytics cover every listed company in the world—almost 50,000 of them—meaning it can be applied to, and measured against, any equity investable universe.



 chose Manaos

“Our aim is to bring impact to markets by focusing the world’s investors towards the companies that make the most positive difference. Historically, investors were unable to obtain this information due to data fragmentation, subjective ratings, and a lack of tools. Through our partnership with BNP Paribas and Manaos, investors can assess and report the sustainability of their investments at the touch of a button.”

Patrick Wood Uribe
CEO of Util



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