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Key features
Both at portfolio-level and for the benchmark of your choice
• % of revenues of companies in portfolio aligned, potentially aligned and not aligned with EU Taxonomy
• Full 5 step methodology; including Do No Significant Harm and Social Safeguard valuations by leveraging our Controversies module
• Covering both Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation objectives
• Allowing for a more deeper understanding by displaying at activity level (i.e. “Electricity generation from wind power”) assessment *
• Further breakdown between the 2 taxonomy-defined categories: transition or enabling categories
• Ability to filter portfolio only for companies that fall under the Non Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) *
• View total portfolio calculations including or excluding sovereign bonds *

Analytical use cases
• Climate
• Reputation

Regulatory use cases
• Art. 8: Taxonomy alignment for E characteristics if wanted
• Art 9: Taxonomy alignment for E characteristics
• Taxonomy: indicators at entity level
• Taxonomy: indicators at product level

Score granularity
• Scoring at portfolio level
• Scoring at asset level

Asset class coverage
• Equity: Listed equities / Equity funds / ETFs
• Fixed income: Corporate bonds / Debt funds

Scoring options
• Portfolio-level ESG reporting
• Asset-level ESG enrichment capability

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