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What you'll be

App's key features
• Upload your portfolio or the list of funds for which you wish to collect missing data
• Request access to your Asset Managers in one click and automate the process for future enquiries
• Monitor your aggregation process in real-time

Provider's key features
• Portfolio look-through capabilities for Asset Managers and Asset Owners
• Open ESG marketplace to connect your investment data to a myriad of fintechs and legacy data providers
• Technical robustness, operational flexibility and banking-level security

Is it for you?

Target users
• Insurance companies
• Pension funds
• Sovereign funds
• Asset management firms

Use cases
• Fund data look-through

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  • ESG Impact
    Contribute to positive impact on the planet and society by understanding your investments’ externalities.
  • Climate
    Have an impact on the creation of a low-carbon global economy.
  • ESG Risk
    Reduce risk and/or generate alpha by adding valuable ESG risk information to traditional financial analysis.

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